7 days coding website making Tips and Tricks – Day 1

If you interested to make an interactive sub website within 30min Go wordpress or making your business website, Personal blog site, Affiliate campaign site, Email template, landing page professionally designed templates. Learn carefully about website making materials with our 7 days website making Tips and Tricks.

How to learn HTML CSS

What is HTML?

HTML refers to Hyper Text Markup Language to making perfect Web pages for your client or personal porfolio.HTML just respond or send a declaration, it’s a web page their language extension/ format is HTML to a server via the internet.HTML use only making a structure of your website, Just like an under construction building.



What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets short format is CSS. It’s this language use only coloring your visible part of your targeted ordinance of your website. Like a color box or color pencil.

CSS use only maintenance you’re Table, Chair location. And where place your clock; what is your private room color and others related works.


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