What is proxy server – why proxy server is required?

Secure your data from another server. Proxy server refers to single or multiple dedicated computer or an online software system running on a computer, Online proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients pursuing resources from other servers.


Mainly a proxy server helps to protect our private information. To hide the IP address of the client computer so that it can surf anonymously, this is particularly for preservation reasons. A proxy server can operate as a negotiator between the traffics computer and the Internet to counter from attack and sudden access.

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7 days coding website making Tips and Tricks – Day 3

If you don’t reading day 1 and day 2 best tricks for making website, please read previous lesson to start coding stages.  Now we are start to making an interactive website.

Start HTML coding in Notepad

  1. Create a main Folder on your Desktop or PC Others Location (Name: My First Website)
  • Create three sub folders inner in Main Folder.
  • Sub folders Name Example: css, images, js





  • Open your HTML code editor software – Notepad, Adobe Dreamweaver, Netbeans
  • Copy the HTML Syntax Code
  • Paste to Notepad Blank page
  • Give a file name(First html file name always index.html)
  • Save HTML file in your main folder Root.





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7 days coding website making Tips and Tricks – Day 2

What is HTML syntax?

HTML syntax always fixed for creating a powerfully website as like as mathematical formula.  So don’t forget HTML syntax if you’re a professional web developer or web designer.

Html Syntax - Web Developer Helper

HTML Syntax – Write Down your Notepad

Write down basic HTML Syntax on your Notepad for use any time. Example Below

HTML Document Save System Tuitorial

Example: firsthtmlfile.html


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